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Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Environmental, eco friendly and a state of the art manufacturing facility with stringent quality control checks in place.
  • The Company has an array of sixteen fully automatic capsule making machines procured from abroad and indigenous sources producing over 6 billion capsules annually.
  • Capacity to manufacture capsules of size '00', '0ef', 'o' '1' , '2' , '3' & '4'.
  • The machines are operated by skilled persons and managed by dedicated technocrats having vast experience in the field of capsule manufacturing industry.
  • As a first step in quality assurance, the company has installed automatic sorting machines to isolate good production, which is further subjected to rigorous quality checks in a tightly controlled OA Deptt.
  • Our marketing offices located in Chandigarh, New Delhi and Mumbai to maintain an efficient relationship and easy connectivity with all our clients.
  • Storage: To ensure timely delivery of capsules to our esteemed customers, the company has a large humidity conditions to ensure safe storage of capsules.

In order to protect capsules from variations in surrounding temperature and humidity, capsules are packed in heat sealed food grade co-extruded multilayer poly bags and placed in a 5 or 7 ply rigid corrugated box. The thermocol sheets are also provided in corrugated boxes as and when required. The packing material used for capsules packaging have adequate mechanical sturdiness to withstand rough handling and also provides a good moisture barrier and heat insulation. It also protects capsules against any possible contamination.

Each box is assigned a number for identification. A product label containing various packing details such as size, colour, and batch no, weight, quantity & consignee etc. is also pasted on it.

The packing size for each size of EHG Capsules is as follows: -
Size of Capsules Quantity *
00 0.08 Million
0’el 0.10 Million
0 0.10 Million
1 0.125 Million
2 0.175 Million
3 0.225 Million
4 0.350 Million

* Subject to change without information


Once EHG Capsules are sealed and packed, they should be stored in controlled condition of temperature between 15º C to 30º C and relative humidity between 40% and 65%. Storage in conditions beyond the recommended temperature and relative humidity will results in deformation of capsules and consequent poor performance on capsules filling machines.

Capsule should be kept away from any direct source of heat and sunlight and sudden transfer of capsules from high temperature to low temperature zone should also be avoided.


Opened poly bag containing capsules shells should be closed immediately in the best manner possible either by heat sealing, nylon fastener to avoid moisture loss / gain during storage.


All due care is taken to ensure that capsules are not exposed to extreme temperature and humidity conditions while transporting in air-conditioned or properly insulated lorries.

Capsules Filling

There are many factors that contribute to efficient filling of the capsules on filling Machines. Optimum conditions recommended for the filling operations are 23º C + 2º C and relative humidity of 45% to 55 % under these conditions the capsule will maintain the recommended moisture content to avoid brittleness and retain the required dimensional stability.

A word about electro-static charge

The use of plastic containers or scoops can cause electrostatic charge to build up on the capsules and result in problems during filling. Hence it is recommended to use steels coops or containers.

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