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Manufacturing Processes
Healthcaps India Limited Manufacturing Processes are given below: -  
Steps :
  1. Once raw material have been received and approved by Quality control, the gelatin is dissolved in hot demineralized water and mixed with preservatives in HCIL’s Stainless Steel Melter Mixer.
  2. After homogenization of gelatin solution in melter mixer , vacuum is applied. The gelatin solution is transferred to stainless steel feed tanks.
  3. Food colours , Opacifiers, and Surfactants are added to the gelatin in the feed tanks to compleate the Gel preparation procedure.The feed tanks are then used to gravity fed gelatin in to the Capsule making machine.
  4. From the feed tanks, the gelatin is gravity fed to dipping pans of specially engineered Dipper Section .Here, the capsules are moulded onto stainless Steel Pin Bars through dipping process.
  5. Once dipped, the pin bars rise to the upper deck allowing the cap and body to set on the pins.
  6. The pin bars passed through the upper and lower kilns of capsule machine drying system. Here gently moving air which is precisely controlled for volume, temperature and humidity remove the excess amount of moisture from the capsule halves.
  7. Precision controls constantly monitors humidity, Temp. and gelatin viscocity through the production process.
  8. Once the drying is complete the pin bars are enter the table section which position the capsules halves for stripping from the pins in the automatic section.
  9. In the automatic section capsules halves are individually stripped from the pins .
  10. The cap and body lengths are precisely trimmrd to a +/_0.15mm tolerance.
  11. The capsule body and cap are joined together to form the capsules automatically in the joiner blocks.
  12. Finished capsules are pushed onto conveyor belt which carries them out to a container.
  13. Capsules quality is monitored through the production process including Length, Weigh, Moisture content , color shade and physical defects.
  14. Capsules are sorted and visually inspected for physical defects on specially designed Inspection stations.
  15. Perfect capsules are imprinted with client Logo for brand shielding on high –speed capsule printing machines.
  16. Printed capsules are again visually inspected for printing defects.
  17. After approval from QC/QA , capsules are sealed in poly bags and packed in 5or 7 ply corrugated cartons.
  18. A printed label is also pasted on the shipper giving all the details about the product.
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