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Learn more about HealthCaps India

Healthcaps India Ltd. was incorporated in 1983 to cater to the ever increasing demand of the pharmaceutical industry for hi- quality empty hard gelatin capsules.

With the objective of creating an environmental, eco friendly and a state of the art manufacturing facility with stringent quality control checks in place we chose the open spaces in Fatehpur, Punjab, 60 kms from Chandigarh. And to facilitate easy interaction with clients, we have established offices in Chandigarh, New Delhi and Mumbai.

Our technical know how and critical machinery have been imported from the Cherry Burrell Corporation known as Evergreen Packaging U.S.A. Over the years Healthcaps India has maintained its hi-quality in its manufacturing processes and has now emerged as a trusted name in the domestic and global pharmaceutical industry.

At its state of the art manufacturing facility a well qualified and dedicated work force ensures timely delivery after meticulous quality control checks of the finished product. Our office personnel along with our associates and network offices keep in constant touch with the latest developments and changes occurring in gelatine capsule manufacturing techniques and research. Our marketing offices in New Delhi and Mumbai maintain an efficient relationship with all our clients who are constantly encouraged to give us their feedback on our products to help us improve in any sector that requires betterment. Delivery schedules are strictly met and loopholes promptly plugged if any arise. This focus on client satisfaction, prompt delivery and hi quality has resulted in Healthcaps India now being recognised and trusted by domestic and global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to this commitment we today export our hard gelatine capsules to America, Europe and the African continent.


The picture of the Chairman of Healthcaps India

Charanjiv Singh founded healhcaps India in 1983, after spending years researching and analyzing the pharmaceutical space. There was a clear need to improve the quality and manufacturing processes of empty gelatin capsules for both domestic and International markets. As the market grew, integrity of producing high quality capsules became more paramount, as a result Healthcaps was incorporated in 1983 to meet the demands and needs of this rapidly evolving market.

"We look forward to doing business with like minded people, creating value and forming lasting relationships. Being leaders in the market providing the best quality product is always our endeavor. We look forward to a strategic alliance."

Chiranjiv Singh

Managing Director (HCIL)


A well thought of Infrastructure to manufacture and supply quality HPMC and Gelatin capsules

Our facilities house some of the most advanced technical systems and machinery for capsule manufacture available today. However, it only works if our structure and setup not only meet WHO requirements and regulations but are also designed to maximize our ability to produce the best capsule possible.

Our facility was built with the guidance of experts in this field. Each Automatic Line is housed independently, we use a Uni-directional layout to eliminate cross-contamination and our state-of-the-art fully automated Gelatin room monitors all components of the process, providing critical data such as viscosity.

Best technology and facility
Best technology and infrastructure in place to manufacture and supply quality empty capsules.
Best technology and infrastructure to manufacture quality empty capsules.
Latest technology used to manufacture quality empty capsules.
Latest technology used to manufacture quality vegetarian and gelatin capsules.
Latest technology used to manufacture quality empty capsules.

Latest technology used to manufacture quality empty vegetarian and gelatin capsules.
Quality technology used to manufacture quality empty vegetarian or HPMC and gelatin capsules.


  • 30 years of experience

  • Core competence in capsules

  • Proprietary technologies & machinery

  • Focus on R&D and backward integration

  • 3 decades of trust, safety & product integrity

  • Clean room manufacturing

  • Certification & Compliance

  • Young and driven management

  • Abundant talent & and strong vendor base

  • Customer-oriented

  • Global presence & service

  • Technical &  formulation support

  • Optimum lead times

  • Efficient and competitive

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