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Delayed Release HPMC Capsules

Delayed Release empty HPMC capsule

AlfaCaps has successfully launched their delayed release
HPMC Capsules - HV Caps ART



 delayed release empty HPMC capsule technology

Our HV caps ART capsules are designed to exhibit both delayed release and
time-release properties. This means that they are resistant to disintegration in
an acidic environment, specifically at a pH of 1.2, which corresponds to the
stomach. In this acidic environment, the capsules do not release their
encapsulated ingredients for several hours.

However, once the capsules reach the small intestine, which has a higher pH
ranging from 6.0 to 7.4, they begin to disintegrate within approximately 60
minutes. The disintegration occurs in the neutral or alkaline environment of
the small intestine, irrespective of the specific time it takes for the capsules to
reach that location.

It is important to note that the disintegration process of our HV caps ART
capsules involves exposure to an acidic environment followed by a neutral
environment, as this is a common principle for delayed-release capsules. The
capsules must withstand the acidic conditions of the stomach without showing
signs of disintegration or cracks within 60 to 120 minutes in simulated gastric
juice (SGF) with a pH of 1.2. Subsequently, they should disintegrate in
simulated intestinal juice (SIF) with a pH of 6.8 within 60 minutes, as per the
requirements of various pharmacopeias.

Based on the information about the pH values in the human digestive system,
our HV caps ART capsules meet all the necessary requirements for
delayed-release capsules. They are acid-resistant, ensuring that the
encapsulated ingredients are not released prematurely in the stomach, and
they disintegrate within the specified time frame in the small intestine, where
neutral or alkaline conditions prevail.

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