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The Quality expectations of our customers with continual improvement in our product and services.


  • A strong focus on engineering and technology is one of the foremost reason for HealthCaps India to produce the highest quality capsules

  • HealthCaps India manufactures its own capsule making machines using the most advanced and proprietary technologies.

                                                                       Not only does this ensure high continuity, quality but  also high efficiency

Healthcaps using latest technology to manufacture quality vegetarian capsules and gelatin cepasules
  • Set up of R&D and machine manufacturing unit in 2013.

  • We are growing at 20% CAGR - HealthCaps India invests 6% of top line into research.

  • Own machine manufacturing - proprietary technologies that can not be procured.

  • from the market and are most advanced using latest technology available in the world.

  • Servo drives to replace cams.

  • PLC operated machines.

  • Process controls like SCADA to monitor critical process parameters.

  • Advanced electronic gauges to check capsule dimensions.

 best technology to produce quality vegetarian capsules and gelatin capsules


Quality & Safety is our priority and a fundamental element of our business.

safety is of utmost importance to manufacture and supply quality empty vegetarian and gelatin capsules.


  • HealthCaps India has a 3 decade record of safety of the product.

  • Clean room GMP facilities with High Precision Machineries.

  • HealthCaps India has invested in camera inspection machines – 100% of capsules are subject to camera inspection.

  • HealthCaps India recognises that product integrity and customer satisfaction are of primary importance to its success.

  • Highest quality of ingredients.

  • State of Art Laboratories for testing raw materials and product through the process.

  • Certification and compliance by govt agencies enabling HealthCaps India to supply its product to pharma and the H&N companies world over.

trust of customers is of utmost importance.
 quality is of top priority in manufacturing quality vegetarian capsules or HPMC capsules and gelatin capsules.


screeshot of the data.
 screenshot of the data og gelatin capsules
screenshot of the data of HPMC capsules


The AQL is the maximum percent nonconforming (or the maximum number of non conformities per hundred units) that, for purposes of sampling inspection, can be considered satisfactory as a process average.

vision is to manufacture and supply quality empty capsules worldwide.

AlfaCaps is the first company in India to have invested in Vision Inspection machines. Passing capsules through this machine guarantees Quality.

screenshot of the data.

The AQLs indicated above could be verified on a composite random sample drawn from vk + 1 cartons in the shipment, where k = number of cartons in the shipment.


Non gmo project verified certified. All certifications are in place.
All certifications are maintained and in place.
All certifications are in place.
All necessary certifications are in place.
All necessary certifications are in place.
All necessary certifications are in place.
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